Outfit guide for women with Rectangle body shape

2 min readJan 28


We all understand what styling is, but only a few of us understand what dressing sense entails. The ability to choose clothes that make you look and feel attractive is referred to as dressing sense. A good sense of fashion allows you to dress in the most appealing way possible.

Similarly, knowing your body type allows you to dress to perfection!! Nobody knows your body as you do. As a result, knowing your body type is critical. This will also help you understand what clothes you are most comfortable in, as fashion is all about comfort and appearance.

Some people, however, may struggle to understand what type of clothing will suit their body type.

Today we will look in depth at What to Wear If You Have a Rectangle Body.

Rectangle-shaped people are typically tall and lean. They have hips that are as wide as their shoulders and little waist definition.

What To Wear?


  • Halter necks, racer backs, and high necks are the best friends of a Rectangle body.
  • Choose embellished necklines or statement collars.
  • Belted tops can help you add curves to your waistline.

Jeans or Pants:

  • Choose pants that compliment the shape of your top.
  • To appear taller, wear floor-grazing bootcuts or flared pants.
  • Jeans with embellishments near the hips will look fantastic.


  • To increase the waistline of your dress, add a thin belt.
  • A-line dresses should be avoided.
  • Dresses with round or scoop necklines are ideal.


  • If you have slimmer ankles and calves, wear shoes with an ankle strap.
  • Wear brightly coloured shoes.
  • Block heels will also look great on this body type.


  • You can go for classic styles or add a feminine touch with your bag and colour choices.
  • You can also opt for feminine jewellery.
  • Modern geometric pieces will look great as well.

We understand that selecting outfits based on your body shape can be difficult at times. Therefore, here are some pointers on what will work best for your body type and what you should avoid. Keeping these simple pointers in mind will help you feel more confident in your daily wardrobe choices.

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