Outfit guide for women with: Inverted Triangle body shape

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Outfit guide for women with: Inverted Triangle body shape: Wyshlist — Fashion for everyBODY

Bodies vary in shape and size as a result of a person’s frame and composition and understanding what type of clothing will suit your body type can be difficult at times.

If you have an Inverted Triangle Body Shape, your shoulders are wider than your hips, your bust is large in proportion, and you have slim legs. You’re probably struggling to find clothes that flatter both your broad shoulders and your narrow hips and waist.

Here are a few Tips you can keep in mind while purchasing outfits

  • You’ll want to draw attention away from your broad shoulders or large upper chest and toward your slim lower body and frequently lean legs.
  • You want to avoid extra-width upper wear
  • Use bold textures in your bottom wear to give a bulky look
  • You can use darker colours and use a belt to define your waist

What to Wear?

Tops -

  1. Look for tops that nip in at the waist, are tailored, or have a waist tie when shopping for your inverted triangle shape.
  2. Stripes will also look good on you, and halter neck tops are especially flattering on the inverted triangle because they balance out your wider shoulders.
  3. Wear darker colours on top and lighter or brighter colours on the bottom to make your upper body appear smaller.

Jackets and Coats -

  1. When shopping for jackets, look for single-breasted styles that won’t add bulk to your upper half.
  2. Collarless styles will also suit you. Straight styles or those that nip in at the waist are both options.
  3. Tailored blazers will look great on you because they add shape to your lower half. Look for coats in darker or more muted colours.

Dresses -

  1. The inverted triangle also looks great in a jumpsuit, so if you don’t already have one, it might be time to get one.
  2. Choose Dresses that add volume to your lower body to balance out your wide shoulders
  3. Go for Flared Dresses with Peplum sleeves

Jeans and Skirts -

  1. Instead of skinny pants, choose wide-leg or bootcut styles.
  2. Choose a darker shade for the top and a lighter shade for the bottom, such as white jeans.
  3. When shopping for skirts, choose those with some width or volume rather than pencil styles.

Footwear -

  1. Choosing bright shoe styles can draw attention to your lower half.
  2. You could wear a pop of colour or embellished shoes to balance your bottom half with your broad shoulders.
  3. Instead of emphasising your body’s triangle shape by wearing stilettos, consider wearing block heels.

Accessories -

  1. Choose curved rather than angular bag shapes, such as round and hobo bags.
  2. Wear necklaces and scarves in a long pendant or loosely-tied style to draw attention.
  3. Statement rings and bracelets will also benefit you by drawing attention to the area where your hands rest at hip level.

We understand that selecting outfits based on your body shape can be difficult at times. Therefore, here are some pointers on what will work best for your body type and what you should avoid. Keeping these simple pointers in mind will help you feel more confident in your daily wardrobe choices.

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